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Drinking water

Water from the region

Wasser aus der Region
Whether as a thirst quencher or for the preparation of your meals - we always supply you with clean and fresh drinking water from the region that comes out of your tap cool and fresh at all times.

To guarantee the quality of our drinking water, we have it analyzed in an accredited laboratory at regular intervals prescribed by the drinking water ordinance. Every year, around 100 water samples are taken from water extraction plants, elevated tanks and the pipe network and tested.

Water charges

The Eschwege water supply company charges fees for the supply of your drinking water. These are regulated in the water supply statutes of the district town of Eschwege. You will receive a corresponding notice about your water supply as well as the wastewater fee notice.

Here you can find out how these fees are calculated.


Water hardness


Water hardness is an issue in many areas. From the calcification of washing machines and other household appliances to the dosage of detergents and the watering of plants, the hardness of the water plays a role. But what exactly does it mean?

Here you can also find out the hardness of the water in your street.

Water quality

To ensure that you can turn on the tap in Eschwege and the surrounding area at any time and receive drinking water of consistently good quality, we use state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards to ensure that everything is always in order, from water extraction and treatment to your household connection.


Plan information


Our electricity cables, natural gas and water pipes are mostly buried in the ground. So if you are planning earthworks, construction work or similar on your property or want to know whether a connection to our networks is possible, simply use our plan information service. This is available to you as the property owner. After your inquiry, we will inform you quickly and free of charge where exactly our supply lines are located.

Water connection

Well planned is half built. Even before you break ground on your construction project, there are many things to consider, coordinate and decide. We are your local contact and service provider when it comes to connecting your building to our supply networks for electricity, gas and water.

Together with you, we plan your network connections and make them professionally and safely.

Waste water


On behalf of the district town of Eschwege, the Eschwege water supply company also bills the wastewater fees in addition to the water fees. The basis for this is the drainage statutes of the district town of Eschwege.

The amount of your wastewater fee depends on your freshwater consumption.

Drinking water check

Drinking water is considered one of the best controlled foodstuffs in Germany.

To ensure that the drinking water inside your house is always in perfect condition, you can have your house installation checked by our qualified personnel according to a standardized procedure during our drinking water check.



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